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Who, or what, are you fighting?


There's the old saying, "you can't fight city hall".  But revolutions are going on everywhere, even in the USA.  People are getting sick of fighting the educational system, the courts, the politicians, the church, the corporations, the predators, the "status quo",  corruption, fake news, etc.  Some people believe that's because we, as a country, were "hijacked" long ago.   If you're on this site, then you are probably in a fight of your own where you're trying to win against a "system" where you feel out numbered, out financed, or that in some way you're trying to "stop a train with a sponge".   History has shown us however that anything is possible when people get informed, band together, and get dedicated.   If you feel you're in an impossible battle - then this site is for you.  If you don't find a subject you're interested in here - let us know.  Maybe it's something we should!  Not like the major media is keeping us informed anymore!  Better yet - tell us about it for our weekly podcast "Fighting the System".


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